Contact Information:

Robert Pashman, MD
Cedars Sinai Spine Center
444 S. San Vicente Blvd. Suite 800,
Los Angeles, CA 90048.

(ph) 310-423-9983
(fax) 310-423-9963

Office Hours:

Office hours are M-F, 830a-430pm. Dr. Pashman normally sees patients on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Messages may be left with the answering service 24 hours a day. Prescriptions will not be refilled on the weekends.

Insurance Policy :

Please check the Cedars Sinai Medical Center website at for plans that have included Cedars Sinai Medical Center in their network.

Dr. Pashman accepts most insurance and will submit the bills on the patient’s behalf.   However; he is only a provider for BLUE CROSS PPO/POS/EPO.

Although Dr. Pashman is not a contracted provider for any other insurance, he will see all patients.  The billing office will make individual arrangements with the patient.  The billing office can be reached at (310) 335-6849.

Dr. Pashman opted out of Medicare in 2005.  Per regulations he does not bill Medicare nor can the patient bill Medicare or medicare supplemental insurance for his services.  All patients’ with Medicare insurance are required to pay at the time of their appointment, and must sign an “Opt-Out Acknowledgement Form”.  If surgery is required, Cedars Sinai Medical Center and ancillary providers are medicare providers.

Dr. Pashman’s billing company will make arrangements with the patient for payment prior to surgery.  Patients’ with Blue Shield Plans are required to pay at the time of the consult.  We will submit the billing to your insurance company on your behalf.  In the state of California, Blue Shield  will mail the payment directly to the patient for out of network providers.

Prescription refills:

Please have your pharmacy fax your prescription refill request to us at (310) 423-9963. Prescriptions must be filled during normal business hours. Please allow 24-48 hours for prescriptions to be refilled. Please note certain medications require a written prescription. Please allow extra time to pick it up at the office or receive it via the mail.


You may email Dr. Pashman or Jenni at Please note the email is not a secure form of communication. We recommend that you do not include any sensitive information in the email. We will answer email within one business day.  E-mails will become part of the patient’s medical record.

Hotel Information:

Here is a list of local hotels for patient’s traveling to Los Angeles for treatment. The hospital has a discounted rate with these hotels. Please be sure to mention that you are a patient when you make your reservations. Many of our patient’s have enjoyed staying at the Elan Hotel.

Hospital Parking:

If you are in the hospital more than three days, you may purchase a parking pass at a reduced rate for parking garages 1, 4, and Lot 2. Click here for a parking map. Parking passes are available at the parking office located in Building 7, room 100. Office hours are M-F 7:30 am to 4:00 p.m.  Phone number:  310-423-5535

Billing Questions:

All questions regarding your bill from Dr. Pashman should be directed to: Mednet Billing, 310-335-6853

Cedars Sinai Medical Center has a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding patient billing. If you did not find an answer to your question, you can contact Customer Service. All questions regarding your bill from the hospital should be directed to Customer Service at 323-866-8600,, or handled through the On-line business office. All questions regarding anesthesia, should be directed to General Anesthesia Partners at (213) 637-3700

Disability Paperwork :

Disability Forms or supplemental documents are $50.00 fee per form. This includes supplemental forms and or private disability forms. You may email, fax, or mail forms along with your payment to Robert S. Pashman, MD, 444 S. San Vicente Blvd., #800 , Los Angeles , CA 90048 .

Please note paperwork will be processed within 5 business days of receipt.  Paperwork must be completed and signed by patient (if applicable) prior to the office finishing physician portion.   Please include all pertinent dates or special instructions.
If you would like a copy of this paperwork to be forward to you, please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with your completed forms.   A copy of your paperwork will be placed in the electronic chart after the doctor has signed it. This applies to all forms, emails, letters, and correspondence with our office.

Post Operative Dental Guidelines:

For two years following a surgical procedure that included a fusion, you will need antibiotics prior to your dentist appointment. (for these purposes, a fusion surgery is equivalent to a joint replacement surgery). Your dentist will prescribe the medication in accordance to the guidelines published by the American Dental Guidelines and American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.  Please inform him or her of all medications you are taking, and of any drug allergies.

Patient Feedback:

Was an employee, nurse, or physician with whom you had contact at Cedars-Sinai especially kind, caring, helpful, knowledgeable or responsive? Please fill out this form so that our Executive Management can send out a special thank you letter along with your comments to this individual and his/her supervisor

Medical Records Requests:

Dr. Pashman is a member of Cedars Sinai Spine Center.  All medical records and imaging are managed by Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  The medical records can be obtained by calling: 310-423-2259. More information can be found here.
All film requests should be directed to 310-423-9899.